Designer Babies: The Good and the Bad

Genetically Selecting Our Children: Benefit or Detriment?


     Imagine a future where babies could be "designed." A future in which parents could pick the gender, hair color, skin color, personality attributes, and chance of disease in their future child. Would this world be filled with the smartest and healthiest kinds of people and the most innovation in history? Could this technology turn out to be a societal detriment? How can we use this technology to benefit society without losing control of genetic practices?

     This website is intended to examine these questions, arguing both the good and bad side of "designer babies" and the use of genetic embryo screening. There is also a page detailing our own argument on this topic. This website presents only one argument, but there are many sides to this debate, and there is not a right answer.

     Please begin your experience of this site by taking a moment to look at the Survey page. It is intended to clarify your own stance on this topic before you read about what we think.

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